Ubuntu 14.04.1 now available for download

Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS now available for download

If you use Ubuntu but for some reason you still haven’t skipped to version 14.04, this is your best chance to do so, with the arrival of version 14.04.1. It’s actually the same operating system that was released last April, but includes all security patches and updates that have come out since; this way if you install this version you will not have to download a large number of packages to update the system. Hardware compatibility is also improved, so if you tried to install version 14.04 but a driver error prevented you from using it, it is recommended that you try this version 14.04.1.

Another opportunity to switch to Ubuntu Linux

On the other hand, if you are already an Ubuntu 14.04 user and you are up to date regarding patches and updates, this version really does not add anything new and you can ignore it. The release coincides with a new notice that Ubuntu 12.04 users will receive that there is already a new LTS version, which are receiving five years of support. If you don’t want to upgrade to 14.04 you really don’t have toAs you can continue to receive security updates until the end of 2017.

Download Ubuntu 14.04.1

Download Kubuntu 14.04.1

Download Lubuntu 14.04.1

Download Xubuntu 14.04.1

Download Edubuntu 14.04.1

Download Mythubuntu 14.04.1

Download Ubuntu Gnome 14.04.1

Download Ubuntu Studio 14.04.1

Download Ubuntu 14.04.1

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