Ubuntu 14.04 Final Beta now available for download

Ubuntu 14.10 Beta 1 now available for download on most distros

The Ubuntu 14.04 version number itself tells us when its final release will occur: next month. In the meantime, and if we are very impatient, we can already download and install the final beta of the Canonical operating system. For some versions the leading version of Ubuntu with Unity does not participate in most betas, but is reserved for the last one that will be released before the final version.

The latest Beta before launch

Therefore in Ubuntu 14.04 Beta final we already see many of the changes and new functions that will be officially released next month. Among them are the menus integrated in the application itself that we have already advanced, in addition to more profound changes in the interface such as the use of GTK3 for the decoration of the windows, instead of using Compiz as until now; This supposes implementing borders with anti-aliasing (to eliminate the effect of saw teeth) as well as better performance.

Other news related to display support with a high pixel density (the so-called retina)However, for other changes like the new file browser we will have to wait (keep using Nautilus); Likewise, the new Linux kernel, version 3.14, will finally not be included, which is a shame because it brings with it many improvements, including relative to graphics performance with Intel chips.

You can download Ubuntu 14.04 from the following links, in addition to the other versions with other desktop environments such as Kubuntu.

Download Ubuntu 14.04 Beta Final

Download Kubuntu 14.04 Beta Final

Download Xubuntu 14.04 Beta Final

Download Lubuntu 14.04 Beta Final

Download Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 Beta Final

Download Edubuntu 14.04 Beta Final

Download Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 Beta Final

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