Ubuntu 15.04 now available for download

ubuntu vivid

Ubuntu 15.04 has arrived, the new version of one of the most used Linux desktop programs.

The curious thing is that despite this, this new version focuses on the convergent future, that is, on uniting the path of the desktop, the smartphone, and the Internet of things.

That implies that Vivid Vervet (vivid, or intense cercopiteco) does not really bring much news for the desktop, but if you come from version 14.10 you lose nothing to update. On the other hand, if you use 14.04 LTS for its stability and long-term support, there is no reason to change version now.

Among the few new features of Ubuntu 15.04, is Ubuntu Make, formerly known as Ubuntu Developer Tools; allows us to develop web and mobile applications, with the support of 14 different platforms including Android and Firefox.

In regards to Ubuntu Phone, the bq Aquaris E4.5 released this year it will be updated by OTA, and will also reach the Meizu MX4 that is about to come out.

Ubuntu 15.04 brings with it the new Snappy Ubuntu Core

An important launch is that of Snappy Ubuntu Core, the device version of the Internet of Things. Although it was released at the beginning of the year, Ubuntu 15.04 is the first version in which it is widely available along with the other flavors.

What’s new in Ubuntu versions with other desktops

And speaking of flavors, of course Ubuntu 15.04 will also come in versions with alternative desktops today, such as Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu Gnome, or the new star, Ubuntu MATE.

In the case of Kubuntu this is an important version, since it brings the new desktop by default Plasma 5, greatly improved over previous versions of KDE.

Talking about Ubuntu MATE 15.04This is the first version under the official Ubuntu umbrella, so it is important from the distro point of view.

Download Ubuntu 15.04

Download Kubuntu 15.04

Download Ubuntu Gnome 15.04

Download Ubuntu MATE 15.04

Download Xubuntu 15.04

Download Lubuntu 15.04

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