Udemy redesigns its online course platform

Udemy is one of the giants in the world of online courses, a platform that offers thousands of options, in several languages, so that it is possible to learn anything on the Internet, used by millions of people around the world constantly (they currently have 10 million users).

Now they announce major changes to transform the site into something much more sophisticated. They want it to be more than a lot of content, they want the activity of taking courses to be different, practical and productive.

For this they have included several changes, both in the way of showing the courses, which are now carried out with video pills organized in sections, and in the way of searching and marking information.

We can, for example, save the moments that seem most relevant to us to access them quickly, or change the speed of the included videos, which can also be easily played with keyboard shortcuts.

The questions and answers section has also been modified to make it easy to include new questions and get answers in the shortest time possible, both from the teacher and from other students.

Being a content portal with free and paid courses is simple, it is difficult to offer a learning platform that is easy to use by users with different levels of digital culture, and that is what they have to work on now.

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