Ultra-portable Samsung T3 SSDs up to 2TB already available in Spain

Ultra-portable Samsung T3 SSDs up to 2TB already available in Spain

If you need a high-speed external storage unit, the Samsung T3 SSD arrive in Spain.

If you need to transport your files everywhere or store Backups away from your computer (you never know what could happen), the best option is to use external storage. Mechanical hard drives are price tagged, but their speed It cannot be compared to that of SSDs.

Last January we met the Samsung T3, the smallest size, high capacity SSD drives from Samaung. Now they come to Spain to satisfy users who need the maximum performance and reliability.

Samsung SSD T3 in 2TB, 1TB, 500GB and 250GB capacities

It is usual in our day to day to make large file transfers, and of course, when it comes to speed, we all want to save time and not spend several minutes watching how a file is copied. Samsung T3 SSDs use USB 3.1 interface , reaching speeds of 450 MB / s read and write.

Another advantage over mechanical hard drives is precisely that, since SSDs have no moving parts, so the risk of breaking from a sudden drop or movement is less. In any case, the size is ultraportable and lightweight, with only 51 grams of weight.

Prices of all Samsung T3 portable SSDs

Now that the Samsung T3 are available in Spain, we already have confirmed prices:

  • Samsung Portable SSD T3 250GB by 139
  • Samsung Portable SSD T3 500GB by 249
  • Samsung Portable SSD T3 1TBby 549
  • Samsung Portable SSD T3 de2TBpor 799

They include AES 256bit encryption to secure our information, with protection software for Windows, Mac and Android.

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