Undo tweeting, a possible payment feature on Twitter

Latest news with Twitter is not limited to just Twitter Spaces.

Internally, a whole restructuring plan for the social network, of which little by little we have been able to know progress. The latest news shed light on a function that would allow undoing the sending of tweets, as part of an eventual paid subscription program.

At the beginning of March, it was announced through the expert in reverse engineering, Jane Manchun Wong, the initiative of Twitter to implement a function for correcting tweets.

At that time, the report was limited to notifying the existence of this function under a test modality, information that the social network confirmed later, without providing additional details until today.

Officially, it is already known that on Twitter they are in a folder plans to implement a monetization system for creators, accompanied by a subscription mechanism to enable new functions on the platform.

Although some features have already been announced, such as Super Follows and Communities; the aforementioned function, along with others on which speculate since 2020, has not yet been officially reported.

Undo send, as an alternative to editing tweets

The ability to edit tweets is probably a feature loved by a significant share of users of this microblogging platform. However, its implementation does not depend merely on a matter of technical will.

Considering the accelerated dynamics under which information circulates on Twitter, if a message is edited afterwards, it could bring with it serious ethical and communicational implications.

Although these implications are not a minor issue, we must not ignore the fact that many people tend to write impulsively, noticing their errors after posting their messages and not during a previous review. For these cases, this new function will help.

The preview shared by Jane Manchun Wong illustrates how this feature will work, if it is finally implemented.

The dynamics behind this feature is simple and very similar to the undo function in Gmail and other email clients. Basically, the message (in this case, the tweet), is placed in a queue for a few seconds, to give the sender the possibility during that short time to think if he really wants to publish.

Just like when Twitter I changed the way of retweeting, with the purpose of controlling the spread of false news in electoral periods, this eventual change will bring with it another change in the way the platform is used.

With the known antecedents, it gives us to think about the real usefulness of this increasingly possible new function of the social network. Although a message that asks us if we are sure before publishing can save those who manage high-exposure accounts from more than one trouble or uncomfortable situation, paying for a small warning that motivates us to review previously what we publish may not be successful. something very attractive, unless the package of additional functions is more complete.

We will have to wait for official news to make more concrete projections about this interesting new course that Twitter is taking.

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