Universal apps come to Windows and Windows Phone.

Universal apps come to Windows and Windows Phone.

Get that An app running on multiple systems without having to do anything is something like the holy grail of developers. Normally this is impossible due to the architecture of each operating system, but that is precisely what Microsoft takes a while. Of course I had the basis to achieve it, with the Windows brand present on several different devices, from smartphones to tablets to the desktop. And all with their own operating system, either due to an error in planning the various versions of Windows 8, or for other reasons, that idea of ​​the universal app was rather far away.

One base for all systems

Until now, Microsoft has finally announced that developers will be able to create a single app that works on all Windows (and Xbox) systems. What’s more, it’s not just that they can, but they will practically do it by default if they work with Visual Studio. For this Microsoft has implemented a very simple mechanism to adapt the interface to each type of screen, that shows more or less information and that modifies the usable elements either by touching them with the finger or pointing them with the mouse.

The basis of the application will be the same, from the APIs to the model of the app going through the connection to system services. This can save developers a lot of time (and therefore money), and incidentally increase the number of apps available on Windows Phone. Whether or not to do so will depend largely on the complexity of the apps and on which OS components will be accessible.


Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC will be available to developers today via MSDN.

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