Use your WordPress to create a presentation page with links

Many times we end up betting on an external solution to create our profile page.

Solutions like abound on the Internet: a website where we put our photos, our description and a series of links, all ready to share with contacts. The problem with these pages is that they use a domain that is not ours, so our personal image will always be associated with the domain of another company, so that if it closes or changes its business model, we will run out of a page.

What introduces a new WordPress extension is to create presentation pages within our own site, ignoring the theme you have to create a separate internal page.

It is about WP-MyLinks, and the operation is very simple: as soon as we install it, we will have a new option in the side menu, from where we can create the profiles. Each profile will have the name, the image, the text and the links, and the results will be inside unique urls ready to be published on desktop and mobile.

In this video they explain the step by step:

The plugin is free, and as you can see, it is not necessary to have programming knowledge to use it. Even so, the most interesting thing is that we do not have to integrate it with our WordPress theme, so it works with any site.

Although I am not personally very fond of plugins, I recognize that it can help many people to have a good presentation page.

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