Using mobile as a key to Hilton hotel room will be possible in 2015

Using mobile as a key to Hilton hotel room will be possible in 2015

We always carry the smartphone with us, and we depend more and more on it for anything we can think of, whether it is being aware of what happens on social networks to make payments without removing the wallet. For this reason, the Hilton hotel chain has considered taking the idea that the mobile identifies us a little further, and allow to use it as a key to enter our room from 2015. The idea is that we do not even have to go through reception, but that we can book the hotel through the web or the app, we download the key for our room, and the day of the reservation we can enter it, without queuing or suffering any type of wait.

The mobile opens the doors

Hilton is so convinced that this experiment will be successful that she has invested $ 550 million to upgrade her 4,200 franchises around the world, and it consists of several steps. For starters, from the end of this summer we can book the room we like the most with the smartphone app; It is expected that starting next year six hotels in the US will include the possibility of using this reservation as a key to enter the room. All this so that by the end of 2016 all Hilton hotels offer this possibility. Both Android and iOS will be compatible with this function.

It goes without saying that this should be much faster than queuing, but there are some doubts. For example, it is likely that only the most knowledgeable users agree to use a similar system, and that most will continue to prefer the security of having a key in hand. And speaking of security, the company you’ll have to invest a lot to make sure you don’t launch the system with any back door that hackers can take advantage of to enter other people’s rooms.

Source | The Wall Street Journal

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