Using video games to reinsert ex-convicts

Using video games to reinsert ex-convicts

The ex-convict reintegration program is on the verge of a sharp turn from video games.

Learning is a turning point in the development of a person as an individual, that is why it is so important to put all our efforts to achieve a program that covers all important aspects. Despite following a stable and reproducible formula, learning is changing in a very dynamic way, integrating new techniques and new devices to innovate and achieve a better result.

I am not talking about anything other than video games. If ideas arise from the crisis, and the same thought occurred to a father tired of seeing his son spend 24 hours in front of a monitor; Why not make your hobby your learning method? Games how Minecraft to stimulate architecture students, Call of duty to enhance the senses by improving reaction time (applicable in many areas) or MMORPG to strengthen social ties and combat depression. What we could not conceive is the use of video games to reinsert ex-convicts.

Dead by Daylight the video game to reinsert ex-convicts

For those who do not know it, Dead by Daylight It is a title of the genre of terror and survival that has devastated after its recent appearance, heading the top of reproductions on the web of broadcasts. Twitch. It works basically, between two sides, one murderer who must chase and hunt the other, and a second formed by 4 survivors who will have to corner the murderer. To do this, the survivors will have to activate a series of generators that will allow them to operate the escape doors, while the assassin will have to track the survivors and hunt them down.

Although the objective of the game is to escape through the exit doors, obtaining points will give us thought about the use of this video game, as therapy or psychological test for reintegration. To get a general idea without going into much of the game, this title exposes you to situations where you have to decide to save your own skin, or take the risk to rescue a partner. There the first point of interest arises, because we usually translate our personal interests into this decision: greed, insecurity, courage or even stupidity.

On the other, teamwork is evaluated. We can almost go hand in hand with our teammates, in order to finish the job faster but with the risk of being caught by some fault of another player; If we are fixing a generator with a partner we will finish before, but if he fails during the repair you will get the attention of the killer, putting you in danger.

Hunt or survive?

We must not forget that the choice of our side is also another curious point of analysis. For starters and although it may sound redundant, this video game is a video game, strictly speaking, and generates a fictional situation where anyone can play either side, without the decision dictating something bad or good about that person. However, when it comes to the study of the mental state of an ex-convict, the success of his therapy and the possibility of a reinsertion, for example labor, this decision if it becomes important.

If the person after several games continues to choose the killer as their character, could connote a violent and repressive attitude which would serve as an alert for the psychologist or therapist in question. In addition, the attitude could be confirmed with the experience in the game, because at the same time that the survivors have to make decisions, the murderer is also exposed to them; When hunting a survivor, you must decide whether to ensure that the survivor dies or go hunting the rest, at the risk of losing your victim.

Towards a new social panorama

Once these ideas are raised, we have to evaluate:Could a game how Dead by Daylight replace current psychological and technical tests for reintegration of ex-convicts?

You don’t have to be a genius to deduce that the answer is a resounding No, and the reasons have their own reasons. The first of them is quite logical, because while the tests that are usually used have an infinitely studied background behind them, to submit to the least number of errors and with the greatest possible security and success, Dead by Daylight It has behind a development focused on the enjoyment of the player, an attraction achieved thanks to the possibility of playing different games and all entertaining, of which we are now proposing a psychological use that is not proven (academically), it would have a large number of gaps and with a limited repertoire.

But we should not discard this tool in the social sphere, since Dead by Daylight It could be a useful complement when evaluating whether a person is qualified to be reinserted into the world of work, thanks to its indicators of teamwork.

Giving video games a chance as a social tool seems less and less like a children’s story. Remember that playing video games with control and head has great rewards for your brain, and beware of abuse:

Bring your friends to Azeroth, but don’t forget to stay with them. Message from World of warcraft to your users.

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