Utilities to rename files in bulk and have everything organized

Utilities to rename files in bulk and have everything organized

If you have to rename hundreds of files, here you have very good programs and applications to do it easily and quickly.

If you usually work with large amounts of files, you will know the importance of have everything well organized. What’s more, even if it is not part of your work day, more than once you will have struggled to find certain photos on your PC because they had very different names.

The same goes for videos, series and others. Obviously if your profession also needs to manage large amounts of files, the best thing if you don’t want to go crazy is to have everything perfectly organized and renowned, knowing the patternsof names that you usually use to locate everything instantly.

How to rename files in bulk

Maybe you didn’t know but Windows allows you to rename files in bulk from the browser itself. It is as simple as selecting all the ones you want to change and clicking on Change name in the first one.

By placing a name and pressing Enter, that same name will appear in all, ending with a number in parentheses at the end.

rename windows files

This may be more than enough for many users, it is fast and simple, but not customizable at all. Luckily there are many utilities to rename very advanced and free files.

What do they offer? We will not focus on each one because, in essence, they all have similar characteristics. In most cases they allow Rename multiple files instantly and, of course, applying patterns or criteria of all kinds.

For example, you can add specific text from a specific position, dates, numbers, delete specific words from hundreds of files, modify names using EXIF ​​information directly (this is Brilliantly useful for those who regularly work with photographs), use ID3 tags to rename MP3 files and much, much more.

Utilities to rename files in Windows

Among the best known and used are the following, all free from their respective websites:

  • Bulk Rename Utility
  • Magnifying glasses
  • ReNamer Portable
  • FileRenamer Basic (there are paid versions, but Basic is sufficient in most cases)
  • AdvancedRenamer

If you use Mac You can use the Finder itself to rename files in blocks:

What is the best? To be honest I will not dare to jump into the pool. As I said, most are very very similar As for functions, in some cases the interface is very overloaded and pulls back a little the number of options available.

In my case I usually use Bulk Rename Utility in Windows, but my recommendation is that you try for yourselves until you find the one that is most comfortable for you. Do you use another one? Let us know and we all appreciate it.

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