VexTab Music Notation, for writing music scores within Google Docs, social media and other websites

Several years ago we talked about VexFlow (, an online and open source tool that allows you to render musical notation, with the help of JavaScript and HTML5, within web content. Creating, sharing or publishing music online is greatly facilitated with this useful resource that even on its main page includes a field that shows in real time how effective your text conversion is to the specialized format of the scores.

As it turns out, VexFlow has a component called VexTab Music Notation, an adaptation that makes it possible to take advantage of it particularly in two ways, as an extension for Chrome or as a complement for Google Docs:

The extension will add an icon to the corresponding bar at the top of Chrome as usual, and invoke a mini-editor with which it will be possible to enter standard or guitar scores quickly and in the usual language understood by VexTab. That’s it, a click on Save will convert what is written into an image that is automatically uploaded to Imgur, which means that it will be enough to download it from there to later use it locally or share the generated URL through websites and social networks -and for being from Imgur, until its preview is enabled.

For its part, the plug-in for Google Docs enables the creation of scores directly from the Google document editor, and with the collaborative tools that the latter has available, working together will be very simple. That yes, the great advantage of this method over the previous one is the facilities to modify even directly already created images.

Links: Chrome Extension – Add-on for Google Docs – Tutorials

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