Virgin Galactic has unveiled its latest spacecraft, the VSS Imagine

VSS Imagine is the new vehicle of the Virgin Galactic space company, of the SpaceShip III generation, designed for space tourism.

The design has changed somewhat if we compare it with the previous models, in fact this one is extremely bright, it has a surface designed to reflect heaven and earth, which can give a surprising effect as you go up to the almost 100 km that you have planned.

In addition to providing thermal protection, this dynamic material is naturally attractive to the human eye, reflecting our inherent human fascination with space and the transformative experience of space flight.

The goal remains to offer affordable space tourism, with about 400 flights per year so that customers can skim through space just like the company’s VSS Unity space plane did in 2019, which reached 89.9 km altitude. .

This new generation is designed to allow more flights to be launched per year, but it is not the last we will see this decade, since Virgin Galactic has commented that they continue working to improve designs and achieve lower prices for the trip to space.

VSS Imagine starting testing on the ground, with glide flights planned for this summer from Spaceport America in New Mexico. The first flight will take place in May of this year, 2021.

You can see more photos and get the presentation document on their website

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