Virtual avatars to receive visits in your company

With the new normality, we try to avoid contact between people at distances of less than 2 meters, and that makes virtual avatars solutions find a place to be implemented in companies.

This is the case of EVA, an intelligent avatar that has just been presented to us and that can do a good role in the reception of companies: explain what the company does, record visits, put in contact with specific people …

The virtual assistant, created by, uses artificial intelligence to automate customer service, being able to digitize guest data and send it to the company’s CRM if necessary.

They tell us that they are able to avoid up to 80% of human contacts during the visit to receptions, and we can use this type of avatars in a wide variety of places, from information stands to promotional spaces for retail and events, among others.

The information flow, although it can be customized, is based on a welcome, with information from the company, a registration of the visit by external keyboard, a contact with someone in the company and the delivery of additional information about the company while visiting the company. wait. It is also possible to take a selfie and share on social networks with a personalized hashtag, or show a video on the screen.

As if it were an advanced Disney cartoon, it can show different body and facial expressions, and is programmed to help, facilitate and provide information to the user in different contexts, answering questions both by keyboard and by conversation (it is based on a set of 20 questions and answers around a topic).

In this case, they have 4 models with different sexes and clothes.

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