Virtual Piano with Augmented Reality

In the past we have discussed various options to play a piano online, and today we have to comment on the subject with a more advanced technology: a piano that appears with Augmented Reality.

Thanks to Augmented Reality, we can see furniture in the living room to posters with information in museums or pokmons on the streets, but we can also make a virtual interpreter play the piano in our living room, with a virtual piano if we do not have one of them. true, or sitting opposite ours otherwise.

It is a project by The Piano Guys, who have partnered with the company Massive Technologies, specialized in VR and AR apps, to seat Jon Schmidt (of the band) at a piano.

Massive Technologies has generated a realistic avatar of Schmidt to perform with complete visual and musical precision. We just have to install the AR Pianist app for iOS / Android, point the rear camera of the device at any piano and the application place Schmidt on the keyboard.

The application uses machine learning to position the virtual virtuoso on the piano with an accuracy of one centimeter, and the device stand can move through space with six degrees of freedom to view his performance from any angle. We can use the zoom and learn to play, if we wish, and it is also possible to slow down the playback up to 100 times.

Scores are also scrolled in the app to aid learning, and there’s a view that lights up and color-codes the keys on the screen to allow students to play along with Jon on his own piano.

If we don’t have a piano, AR Pianist will recognize a free space on the floor or table and provide a detailed 3D model of the Yamaha C7 Neo grand piano that appears on many of The Piano Guys’ recordings and album covers.

The AR Pianist app is free to download, but unlimited access to all premium songs and features is available for a weekly subscription of $ 2.99 or $ 59.99 per year.


– AR Pianist (iOS):– AR Pianist (Android):

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