Virtual reality to learn to cook

Virtual Reality has many applications in the educational world, but few have dared to enter something like the kitchen.

That’s what Big Cheese Studio wants to solve with a new game presented: Cooking Simulator VR.

This is a Virtual Reality game that will be available on SteamVR, with no provision to have a version for Oculus Quest and PSVR.

The idea is to launch it later this year, a game with realistic control of kitchen utensils so that we can make dishes or go into absolute chaos.

As seen in the trailer, we can cut from onion to cut our finger. It is possible to learn some culinary skills, including the use of fire, with the risk of burning the virtual utensils with which we work.

The game features over 140 ingredients to help you cook over 80 recipes. As we play, we can unlock new perks and abilities by leveling up.

The same company has famous simulators, such as Thief Simulator or the Virtual Reality version of Prison Simulator, but getting into the world of cooking is somewhat more complex, since we are talking about an art in which several senses participate, impossible to simulate. short term (like smell and taste, without going any further).

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