Viz for iOS, or an easy way to create and share charts

Both to carry out analytics in an easy and elegant way and to create graphics or infographics, dozens of mobile and PC platforms offer us applications of this type. If what we are looking for, specifically, are applications to create graphs easily and quickly from a simple data entry, we can consider Viz as a possible option.

Since it is already available in the Apple Store, created by the Ministry of Simplification, Viz allows us to insert a series of data (those that we want to display in the graph) simply by writing the parameters and choosing whether we want to see the data displayed in bars, circumference, cloud of data, etc., being able to select at the same time the range of colors that we want in case we need to offer a certain appearance (we have up to five color palettes as well as five styles of data display).

Finally and once we have created the graphic, we can share it on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, send it by email to contacts or, in case we want to insert it into a document, save it in JPG format for later use.

You can download Viz from this link to iTunes to create the aforementioned graphics on iOS devices, although that is, the app will cost us a price of $ 1.99 (something that may or may not be worth depending on how we use it).

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