Voices for games or videos generated by AI from a free app

An application for computers that offers a powerful speech engine, with a growing catalog of 40 AI characters, provides a new alternative for the development of video games or audiovisual projects when producing voices.

Replica, an application developed by Replica Studios of Australia, introduces exciting tools, such as one-click export to Unreal Engine, Unity, and support for Roblox Studio.

A voice generator for game developers and filmmakers

The voice technology developed with AI by Replica Studios was recently released to the public through its desktop application for Windows and macOS.

The Replica app introduces a new mechanism to empower game and movie creation, with the addition of artificial, yet high-quality voice-over lines and dialogues, saving studios weeks of costly voice acting replay and adjustments. of scripts.

The Rplica app includes 40 AI voice actors with the ability to convey realistic moods and emotions, and a new one-click export system to Unreal Engine, Unity, and support for Roblox Studio.

Replica is working closely with game studios to help them take advantage of voice AI, and has hosted more than 120,000 audio sessions in the last three months from its web application, which has now been merged with its desktop application into one. one-stop solution for creators. A portfolio that shows the best of this library of voices can be found in the section of demonstrations from your website.

Replica’s AI speech engine lets you create more expressive characters at scale by producing synthesized speech from scripts, with easy-to-use style filters, that control the mood or emotion of the voice. It also has more advanced controls for adjusting performance characteristics such as rhythm, emphasis, and intonation of utterances.

An unprecedented solution on this scale

That an application offers this service with all the benefits described, is not something that goes unnoticed. In response to this recent release, Shreyas Nivas, Co-Founder and CEO of Replica Studios, said: Our new Windows and macOS desktop app offers even more accessibility to Replica’s high-quality AI character voices and significantly facilitates voice production for games and filmmakers. We think creators will love the innovative one-click export to Unreal Engine, Unity, and Roblox Studio support that our app offers, and we’re looking forward to seeing projects created with replica voices, from games to animations, full-length movies, and more. ms.

Josh Holmes, co-founder of Midwinter Entertainment commented that: Replica made it incredibly easy to quickly produce voice lines and build the Scavengers development, before recording the final lines with the actors. And the quality is very impressive. So much so that most people beta testing the game think that the lines generated by replication are actual voice recordings of our actors..

Matt and Ben Horton, award-winning feature film creators on Roblox, noted that Replica AI character voices have the real potential to be a game changer for producing animated and game-based narratives, particularly for Roblox content creators seeking depth and variety from easy-to-configure voices..

Creators around the world can download the desktop application for free at, with free credit to create up to 30 minutes of voice overs.

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