Vox, for our readers to comment on our content using their voice

Comments on websites are still a soft spot on many platforms. There are large projects that have tried to facilitate the process with APIs and security control, all to avoid spam, trolling and other undesirable content, but that makes everything slower, less practical.

Now it is the telbee company that wants to turn the tables using its voice.

The idea is that we can put an extension on our website to allow our readers or clients to leave a voice message, instead of a text, but we will not receive it as a text in the administration section thanks to its transcription tool.

We first have to sign up for VOX for free and then create and customize our own record button and add it to our website, either embedded on the page or available when visitors click a button or tab. We can also create a landing page with a custom url and the record button there.

Visitors can record voice memos for us, Voxes, arriving in our inbox (transcribed in one of more than 50 supported languages). All our team can use and share the platform.

We can then reply directly with our own voice, adding text, images and links if we wish, or assigning the voice to someone else.

We can use it to:

– For customer service: to better understand a person’s problem by listening to them. – For marketing: to receive comments and reviews, collect voice testimonials, find ambassadors and more. – For accessibility: Make it easy for people who find it difficult or impossible to write contact us and understand our response.

A great idea that is still in its infancy.

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