Vuze increases the speed of torrent downloads

Vuze increases the speed of torrent downloads

The new version of Vuze will restore popularity to an increasingly less used client, and for that, there is nothing better than increasing the speed of torrent downloads.

At the time when it was called AzureusThis program was one of the most popular on the net to download torrents, but it did not serve the policy of constantly adding new features.

In fact, things got so bad that there is now a light version called Vuze Leap The only thing it does is allow the download of torrents. And it seems that this version is just one more step to make up for lost time.

Vuze manages to increase the speed of torrent downloads

Vuze’s new version 5.6, the full version, includes a new technology designed to increase the speed of torrent downloads. It is called a swarm fusion, or swarm merging, and promises to be the solution against torrents with few seeders.

Surely it has ever happened to you; You want to download a torrent file, but very few people have it, so downloading is done at a pathetic rate. Vuze solves that by looking for the same file over the network BitTorrent, although it is not called the same. And it is that many times the same file is shared through different torrents.

For example, if you are downloading a program and it has few seeders, Vuze searches for it and if it finds it in a different torrent, you can download it and take advantage of the other’s seeders. To use this technology we have to choose the option To the swarm in the add torrent dialog.

Then the functionality tab will open where we can choose other torrents from which to take their seeders.

This little new technology can put Vuze back on the map for torrent programs.

Vuze is available free for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download Vuze.

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