Vuze Leap is a new torrent download app that is lighter and simpler

Vuze increases the speed of torrent downloads

For a long time Azureus was one of the best alternatives for downloading torrents, but little by little it was changing, adding more and more functionalities and becoming more than just a download program, an authentic multimedia center; As a sign of this change, I received a new name, Vuze. The problem is that along the way it also became a heavy program, full of menus and functions that most users did not want. Now, after a long time receiving criticism, its creators have decided to return to its beginnings with a new program that only keeps what is necessary.

Using torrent easily

Leap is what this new application is called that aims to offer a user-friendly experience and therefore without too many possibilities. The program works without installing or configuring anything, just open it and you will see a search box; The program will search various sources for content that matches your search, not only torrent pages but also Google and The Internet Archive. Just by clicking the program, the file will start downloading into a folder structure automatically created depending on the type of file. When it’s done, you can play it directly from the app.

Leap is therefore a program that boasts its simplicity, aimed at users who do not know much about Internet downloads but who want to get into the world; they will also appreciate your low resource consumption on old or low-end systems. More advanced users will miss more possibilities and will surely prefer other more complete alternatives. Vuze Leap is already available in beta if we sign up with an email address on its official page. For now there is only a version for Windows but it will also be released on other platforms.

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Source | TorrentFreak

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