Wacom One, we tested this fantastic invention for the academic world

When I was introduced to the Wacom One A few days ago, my first thought was: another tablet, big, but another. I was wrong.

The new Wacon device is a portable, touch-sensitive monitor with a digital pen, and although it is focused on the educational world, so that teachers can use it as a whiteboard in their broadcasts, it could have many more applications.

Let’s first see what it is about.

Looking like a tablet, it has several inputs:

– One to obtain the energy through an adapter. – Another to connect to the USB of our computer. – Another to connect to the HDMI output of the computer.

In this way, it becomes a second monitor. If we connect it to a laptop (either Mac, Windows or Linux), the screen will be duplicated, and if we connect it to a PC with a single HDMI output, it will become its only monitor (we can use a splitter to transform an output HDMI in two, that way we will have a second monitor, just like with the laptop). We can also connect it to an android mobile, although we will need a special adapter for this (and it is not compatible with any mobile).

The fact is that now that it has already been transformed into a monitor, we can draw on it using the digital pencil, so if our laptop does not have a touch screen, now it does. We can draw on any of the applications we want, from Microsoft Whiteboard to Corel or Photoshop applications.

In my case I have used it with Microsoft Whiteboard to teach online without depending on the keyboard, taking advantage of the tools that said application has to adjust drawings and shapes automatically.

It is true that those who already have a laptop with a touch screen might think that it does not offer anything extra, but in my case the Wacom One offers more sensitivity than my laptop screen (it is also true that my laptop was cheaper than the Wacom One , which costs 410 euros).

Use in classrooms

From Wacom they tell us that they have already equipped many schools and universities with this type of technology, different products with different prices adapted to the needs of each school. Their latest product, Wacom One, is the most economical in its category, allowing it to be used in Microsoft Teams or Skype, OpenBoard, Microsoft Office, a PDF annotator, or any drawing program.

From screen sharing to making interactive presentations, to annotating on materials, to explaining with geometry or algebra, it becomes an excellent solution for remote classes.

Technical characteristics

The pen uses electromagnetic resonance technology, and does not require a battery or recharging. The screen is 1920 x 1080 Full HD and offers 72% NTSC color and a matte foil.


The purchase of Wacom One includes some applications, such as Wacom’s Bamboo Paper, to transform the screen into a notepad, as well as licenses for drawing programs. Wacom One is priced at 410 and is available from the Wacom eStore and some official resellers.

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