Waze launches major redesign, seeking to be a unique and fun brand

Waze, the collaborative road condition platform, owned by Google and currently operating as an independent service, is undergoing a complete visual renovation, receiving a major redesign that will give it more uniqueness, differentiating itself more prominently from other tools.

It stands out for incorporating an extensive palette of colors and daring designs, for the renewal of the moods function, expanding to 30 the moods from which to choose, in addition to the use of a grid system for the development of all its assets. that allow you to give more consistency to your own brand, than to alternate between fun and functionality.

Waze tries to mark differences with respect to Google Maps and company

The team behind Waze comments that the platform is developed with the idea of ​​making the use of cars on the streets more bearable, reflecting in its current redesign the idea of ​​a friendly, organic and cheerful brand identity, moving away from the concept of a technological brand clean, minimal and elevated, daring to incorporate a higher level of color in all its assets, something that, according to them, many brands do not dare to do.

In addition, they also hope that with the redesign, users feel more like part of the community, and not just as a user of a platform.

On the moods, they point out the following:

We have a lot of fun exploring the variety of emotions that people feel. A dozen drivers might feel different in the same situation, so we decided to capture as many feelings as possible. This was critical to us, because moods act as a visual reminder of all of us working together.

Currently, they have a total of 30 moods to choose from, although that is, initially, so that they get to expand the number of moods over time, which converts this function into a variable. fundamental to consider beyond simple fun.

In this regard, the TechCrunch publication considers that the improved moods will help, together with the rest of the contributions, to have a richer set of data that will better help when analyzing road needs to plan infrastructures, means of transport and ms.

Waze notes that the redesign is just the beginning of what’s to come. We will see over time what other things they are preparing so that, among other things, users do not see it as something similar to Google Maps, which over time has incorporated some of its functions.

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