We already have in Spanish the function "Now with a Touch" on Android

Available only for Android M, Now with a touch allows us to find information on the Internet without leaving the application that we are using at any time. Introduced a few weeks ago, this function helps us to consult data of any kind (information about a movie, restaurants or entertainment venues, for example) by pressing and holding the start button, so that an extra component will appear on the phone with the desired related data, without leaving the game, the messenger app or any other task that we are carrying out with the device.

This option, mandatory in a multitasking world, is now available in Spanish, according to what has just been reported in one of the company's blogs, although at the moment only in the latest versions of Android, so most of us will have to wait.

Search example using Now with a touch

In addition to Spanish, they have included French, Italian, German, Russian and Korean, being possible in all of them to carry out searches such as those suggested in their help portal:

Restaurants: to find restaurants and other points of interest that appear on the screen. Music: To find more information about an artist or music without leaving the player that we are using. Movies: To read opinions of those who have already seen a specific movie, and see the distribution of the titles that appear on the screen. People: To find out more information about celebrities that we see in the news that we are reading at a certain time.

This function can be deactivated at any time within the device configuration menu.

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