We can now manage YouTube from Hootsuite

Hootsuite has just added YouTube to its list of social networks available to be managed.

With this integration we can have a column with our latest videos (we have tested it with our channel, with the comments pending moderation, with the last comments made … in fact we can approve, schedule and publish videos through social media as well as collaborate securely as a team to manage multiple accounts so that we can respond more quickly to subscriber inquiries.

The installation is simple, we just have to include the video network within our account and choose the fields that will be available in the columns, although it is important to keep in mind something important: it is only compatible with the latest column design, so It forces us to update the layout of the platform.

Once the appropriate columns are shown in our hootsuite panel, we can carry out various actions on the comments, managing their content, sending spam, responding … to do this, just click on the extra option points:

Hootsuite users thus receive an update that will help a lot in the management of a YouTube channel, mainly in the moderation of comments, something that requires a lot of time and synchronization by the team.

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