We can solve the Rubik's cube with Augmented reality

If you play a Rubik's cube at home and you still don't know how to fix it, remember that it's not for lack of options. Several months ago we indicated several ways to solve the rubik's cube, but none of them as original as the one we show you today.

In this case it is a solution that uses Augmented Reality, so that when we focus on the cube with the mobile, an additional information layer appears with the turns that must be made to put each face of the same color.The artificial intelligence system used can detect two or three sides of the cube at the same time, and is based on the OpenCV library for image processing. Augmented reality is used to superimpose the instructions indicating which should be the next movement, solving it in 20 movements maximum.

The project has been carried out by the programmer Marin panl, who has disclosed his system in this video that we leave you here:

The program was carried out as a thesis project of the Carolina University of Prague on the android platform, but the app is not yet published on google Play. Its author comments that there are still several problems that must be solved, but he is already working on them.

Among the problems they indicate that if someone deviates from the recommended movements of the program, they will have to restart the program, so it does not adapt as we play.

Hopefully it arrives soon on Google Play, we will keep you informed.

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