We can use Bitcoins with traditional VISA cards

Bitcoin is breaking records, surpassing $ 60,000 and appearing in the media as a revolution in many ways. The giants of the sector cannot continue to ignore the trend, and now it is VISA that has spoken.

The CEO of VISA commented on the Fortune Leadership Next podcast that they are working to make it possible to use Bitcoins with a traditional card, but not only that, we will also be able to buy Bitcoins using a credit card in the future, without needing to have any knowledge. technician of the subject, something unthinkable a few years ago.

When we buy with a card, we can decide if we want to do it from our bank account or from our savings in bitcoins, and the change will have to be made at the moment, since if we wait a few days, the value could be very different than expected.

Logically, the seller will see his purchase in the traditional currency, since the change is transparent to whoever sells, it will only affect whoever buys, who will see his amount of bitcoins reduced, not his amount of euro, dollar or any other currency.

This move will expand the visibility and usefulness of bitcoin, since VISA has 70 million points of sale around the world. He has not said when this action will be carried out, nor has he given details about how our wallet will be integrated with our card, but everything seems to indicate that there will not be much time left.

And it is not only VISA, large banks around the world, and Mastercard itself, already announced at the time that they are betting on this cryptocurrency, not only on Blockchain technology in general (which is already widely used in the banking world. ), so it seems that the rise of bitcoin is unstoppable.

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