We tested Klout’s new statistics service: Klout for Business Insights

Still in beta, Klout is working on a statistics service that helps those of us who work by disseminating information on social networks to better understand our community of followers, both in terms of activity and topics of interest.

Klout for Business Insights It is the new statistics module that is being released to some users, and we were able to test it a few hours ago, so we are here to tell you about the experience.

Available in the Insights section of our account at, we can access four different reports:


It shows the distribution of klout indices of the followers on all our social networks. In the example you can see how, if we add the followers of WWWhatsnew on Twitter and Facebook and Google Plus it reaches 118,000, of which most have a klout index between 40 and 70.


I miss a report showing the interests of our community, the topics that are most dealt with in their profiles. I say strange because it only shows ten topics, without indicating the source of the information (whether facebook, twitter or google plus) or links to obtain more information on the matter.

The idea is to show in which our followers are influential, something important when determining the content we publish on our networks.


Three graphs that show, based on the klout index, which social network is the one that most affects our own index. It is very important information to know where we are getting more influence and where less, something important when determining the disclosure strategy on the social web.


The publications that have attracted the attention of our most influential followers. In this report we can filter by klout index to our community and see how they have reacted to what we have published during the last weeks. Ideal to know data of the type, the published texts related to image editing are replicated by people with a lot of influence on Twitter, for example.

Although it all depends on the case we want to make of this klout index, there is no doubt that if we add these reports to those that we can obtain from, it will be difficult to make a mistake when establishing a good strategy for publishing information.

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