We tested the Vacos Cam, a gem in security cameras

At we have talked about a large number of security cameras, both indoors and outdoors, and have seen everything from the extremely portable ones to those that use solar panels as a power source, to night vision cameras, those that can be moved remotely and a long etc.

Today we have one of Vacos’s cameras in our hands, a jewel in design that, in addition to not needing cables, has an impressive night vision.

Main functions of the Vacos Cam

During the tests we have verified some important points:

– It detects humans thanks to its Artificial Intelligence system (something important so that the alarm does not go off when the pet passes) – It has full color night vision, which is really impressive.

– It recharges as if it were a mobile, and it also works with solar energy (you can use an external panel in a simple way). – It is compatible with Alexa, it can be added as an extra device. – It works both indoors and outdoors. It is IP65, and withstands temperatures from -20 to +50 degrees. – It has a great resolution, 1080p Full HD, and a viewing angle of 130 degrees (ideal for outdoors). – Save the videos on a local card and in the cloud, and the cloud subscription is quite affordable (recording of the last 7 days for 2.3 euros per month).

The one we have is the first one in the image above, the Battery Cam, with two types of support: the semi-spherical magnetic and the classic that is screwed to the camera.


As with 90% of the cameras we’ve tested, the setup doesn’t work right the first time. It takes some time to detect the device, but the system is really simple: we press the back button of the camera until the connection with the app is perfectly done. If it does not work the first time, we insist until the voice of the camera tells us that everything has gone well.

During setup we are guided by the voice of the camera itself, which tells us what to do. The app shows a QR code that will have to be captured with the Vacos camera, which speeds up the process of including it within our Wifi network.

Once connected, it does not disconnect itself or give transmission errors. It is quite reliable in this regard.

Portability and battery

Although it does not have very advanced remote control functions (moving it remotely, for example), it has become my favorite when it comes to portability. It has a much larger battery than Amazon’s Blinks (which we have also tested), so it does not require daily charging or absolute dependence on solar panels.

Logically, if we spend hours watching the live of what it transmits, or if we abuse the microphone (it can repeat on its integrated speaker what we say from the app), the battery will feel it.

As it can be quickly removed from its support, it makes charging (as if it were a mobile phone) simple, although if we have a cheap solar panel that connects to it, we will avoid having to carry out that process.

Be that as it may, not depending on cables is wonderful, since we can put it in any corner of the house, including ceilings, without the cable on duty making the party bitter.

You can see it working on your YouTube channel

The price

It can be found on amazon for 129.99 euros. If you use the KL9HWTV3 coupon you will have a 20% discount that the manufacturer has given us for you. This coupon will be valid for 7 days from now. After those seven days you can still use the coupon on its official website, also with a 20% discount.

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