Web form to receive money from credit cards to our Paypal

If we have a service offered over the Internet, or we want our clients to pay us with a credit card from any country, and we want to receive that money in the Paypal account, now we have a very interesting additional option.

This is the one offered by JotForms: Credit Card Forms for PayPal.

Available at this link, it offers a simple way to collect payments, whether for donations, sale of products or services.

JotForm is thus partnering with PayPal to provide businesses and nonprofits with a better way to collect payments online. Customers will not have to leave our website, and can use their credit or debit card to pay for their orders or donations, giving them a seamless, on-site payment experience that will keep them coming back.

We can create a payment form in minutes, using several of the existing templates, integrate it with PayPal Business and share the form or embed it on our website to start collecting payments online. There is no monthly fee or additional transaction fees from JotForm, and all we need is a PayPal account to get started.

The PayPal trading platform does not charge a monthly fee for collecting payments online. And JotForm will never charge additional transaction fees for accepting money through credit card order forms.

When it comes to templates, they have over 110 free payment form templates: recurring payments, product orders or donations… just accept them and receive the value.

It is not available for all countries, nor for personal Paypal accounts, only for PayPal Business and a few dozen countries that will be shown when connecting with the corresponding account.

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