What awaits developers in 2021? Participate in the survey and win prizes

The new Developer Economics survey for the second quarter of 2020 has arrived, a survey focused on getting responses from the developer community to share with the world what kind of projects they are working on and what are their favorite languages, tools, technologies and platforms.

This survey brings together the responses of thousands of programmers around the world to generate reports that help better understand the industry, while distributing prizes among participants.

[…] You will be entered into prize drawings to win a new development team to upgrade your office, or a series of courses and licenses to learn something new, worth $ 15,000 in total. You will also receive a report and a set of free charts with which you can compare your skills with the world average.

Developers will have until August 10 to participate via this link. Every year more than 40,000 developers from more than 165 countries participate in the Developer Economics surveys, so it is a good opportunity to give visibility to our way of working.

When we receive the reports we have the possibility to see new trends in software development. In this case, the suggestions from the survey will be published in the 19th edition of the State of the Developer Nation report during the third quarter of 2020, and all developers who participate in it will be able to download it for free (as always).

Prizes for entrants include an iPhone 11, a 64GB Oculus Quest, a JetBrains product bundle, a Corsair mechanical gaming keyboard, a Cloud Guru license, and promotional products, accessories, and coupons, including 1,000. Cash dollars for those who refer other programmers to participate in the survey.

If you work in mobile programming, desktop, IoT, AR / VR, machine learning, data science, web, backend / cloud, or game development, this is a good opportunity to be part of something big.

Survey link: click here.

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