What Chrome extensions do with our data – New Google tool

One of the great advantages that Chrome showed at its launch is the universe of extensions that it offered. We can configure our browser to perform tasks that would have been difficult to imagine a few years ago, although the use of plugins is not always recommended.

On the one hand we have extensions that, due to their functionalities or the way they were programmed, consume more resources than desired, and on the other hand we have plugins that request more data than is strictly necessary.

Now Google offers us a new way to keep that information under control: What are the plugins installed in our Chrome doing with our data?.

In the chromium blog they explain the details: This is the new version of Chrome Apps & Extensions Developer Tool, a plugin that helps developers analyze the extensions they are creating, maintaining greater control over what is developed.

Those of us who are not developers will be able to install it to audit the extensions and applications as they are used.

For each application or extension, you can see the historical activity in the last days, as well as the activity in real time by clicking on the behavior link. The tool highlights activities that involve our information, such as reading cookies from websites or modifying pages. We can also search if an extension has modified any specific page.

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