What does Dropbox have that Google Drive doesn’t

With the appearance of Google Drive, many are already doing accounts to see whether or not it is worth abandoning the classic Dropbox for this service. It is true that Google Drive offers more space for less price, but will millions of people migrate just for that?

What is it about Dropbox that makes it so special?

– It has millions of users around the world who have synchronized directories of their computers with family, friends and co-workers, users who are always reluctant to change something that works. – It does not depend on having a Gmail account, it can be used with any email. – You have a client that allows you to easily share directories and obtain a public link for each saved file.

– It includes a program for Linux with functions very similar to those offered in Windows and Mac – There are no other more complete (and complex) platforms to share files with, which ends up being a more suitable solution for those who do not want to use Google Docs and they prefer to continue with their life offline.

Both the desktop client and the mobile client of Google Drive still have to improve a lot to speed up the way of sharing content, something that I do not think will cost a lot of work for a company like Google. We must bet on simplicity, which is what has made Dropbox the leader in this market, allowing more features for those with more digital culture, but without forgetting that there are millions of Dropbox users who do not know exactly how it works (just They know that putting certain files in a directory magically appear on other people’s computers).

Google can compete with available space, with price, with an impeccable web platform that facilitates teamwork, with a huge integration between several widely used services around the planet … but Dropbox is very easy to use, it has a giant community and thousands of applications that use it every day, three hard pillars to collapse.

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