What science says about exploding pimples

What science says about exploding pimples

Exploiting blackheads is one of the great temptations of many people, some of whom do not settle for just their own and go crazy with emotion when they see the opportunity to do it to neighbors, friends, family or anyone who happens to be on the street.

The problem is that there is quite a division of opinion on the issue of whether or not they spread after bursting. Some claim that it is only a myth and that they have been doing it all their lives, with good results, although many others claim to have quite unpleasant evidence to the contrary.

The truth is that it is a topic that should be clearbecause you can create real infections starting from just a couple of pimples. Okay, I’ve already given you the answer; Yes they extend, but why is it?

Why should blackheads not be exploited?

As we already told you in a recent article, pimples are the result of the obstruction of the skin follicles because of the deposit of dead cells, which results in a sebum accumulation and then the bacteria growth, which will feed on the plug that has originated.

All this happens under the skin and does not extend to the rest; since, as I was saying, the follicle is blocked and, in general, our immune system it kills the bacteria before they reach the surface. However, if we pop the pimples, everything will go outside and the infection will spread through the skin; It’s as simple as that.

This is a problem that must be taken into account, not only to control the instinct to burst your own and others’ blackheads; but also when choosing certain types of aesthetic treatments; since, for example, a poorly done facial cleansing could lead to pimple infections all over the face.

So, you know, it is true that some people relax by exploding pimples, but doing sudokus also relaxes and is much healthier. Ponder it.

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