What should the new version of the Nintendo Switch have?

Seasoned reporters at the Bloomberg website recently went on to report that, if everything goes as it stands on paper, a new update for the Nintendo Switch will be coming very soon.

Within a report presented in Bloomberg, it is mentioned that Nintendo is preparing a new version of the Switch game console, which apparently will have, among other things, a 7-inch 720p OLED screen, generating 4K graphics if connected to a TV. This is what we expect from her.

Grouping all the information collected and knowing that they plan to change only some areas of the console, only the following questions arise: What other areas of the Nintendo Switch should change in this new update? Well, below you will see a detailed list, where we will show the changes that would be most appreciated under our criteria.

Improved joy-cons

Even though the Joy-cons are one of the best controllers compared to the main video game consoles (mainly because of their creative design), the problem of use when it comes to joysticks It is something that has been present since the launch of the console. In fact, in 2019 the company implemented a policy of free repair for users who had problems, and so far this has not been corrected from the root.

Bluetooth headset compatibility

The pair Bluetooth headset-console today is something essential, and in case you are not aware of this, on the Nintendo Switch it turns out to be a very difficult task to achieve, and although the Joy-cons themselves are used by this method, the Switch does not have Bluetooth audio support.

This causes that you have to buy a third-party adapter (there is a whole industry of adapters created by third parties), which cannot continue to happen anymore, mainly due to the discomfort they cause when coupling them to the headphone jack, the USB-C port on the console, or the Switch docking station.

Glass lampshade

It is extremely easy for the Switch screen to quickly become permanently scratched and scuffed, which turns out to be a serious problem since the screens are made of plastic, but not glass, where they turn out to be more durable and more resistant.

Rather than requiring users to resort to soda tempered glass protectors, the company should implement new stronger glass screens to scratches.

Support for Netflix, Disney +, HBO Max and Prime Video

To this date and according to what was said in Bloomberg, the Nintendo Switch only has support for a handful of streaming platforms, such as Hulu, YouTube and Funimation, for example. And yet streaming services like Netflix, Disney +, HBO Max or Amazon Prime Video are out of the party, which in these times of pandemic has no justification.

The launch of a more premium version of Nintendo’s Switch console with an OLED screen and support for 4K graphics for the 2021 holiday sales season could drive the company’s sales above consensus for the fiscal year ending in March. 2022 and extend the life cycle of the Switch platform for many more years, is commented by Matthew Kanterman and Nathan Naidu, analysts at Bloomberg.

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