What to look for in good Human Resources software for SMEs?

Managing everything related to the workers of a company is an extra load of tasks that Human Resources departments or employers must assume in the total of their daily occupations.

Fortunately, the evolution of IT tools means, in the case of SMEs, in the existence of Human Resources Software that facilitate this task by automating some actions.

How do they do it? Maintaining all the information related to the workers in a database and, in addition, making other tools available to managers to optimize everything related to human resources and thus improve the results of the company.

Why hire a Human Resources Software?

Having a Software for the management of everything related to the human resources of a small or medium-sized company is necessary. However, a cluster of small tasks related to this can be turned into a volume of work that forces the employer to put aside other occupations.

In addition, keep all the management of the company’s human resources in Excel sheets, as has been done traditionally, or even more delicate, on paper., it is not only a risk, but it complicates the job even more.

Especially in cases in which the company is growing, at which time it is necessary to update and expand data continuously and work with more and more information or if, as many firms are doing today, teleworking is being implemented.

A software that meets your needs:

The important thing when choosing a good Human Resources Software is that it complies with everything that the management of the company may require from the program to fulfill the functions of the HR department. What is the most important thing to keep in mind?

Core HR

Grant and withdraw permits to workers, manage contracts, overtime or payroll It is, without a doubt, the most relevant in these software and one of the tools that will be used the most.


When publishing a job offer, it is advisable to have devices that allow Advertise the selection process on different platforms such as social networks or job search portals.

It is also important that the Human Resources software has the system ATS (Applicant Tracking System), which allows you to plan interviews, track candidates, and facilitate, in short, the hiring process.

Management of skills and talent

This section of the software is specially dedicated to managing the competencies of the staff members: Who has the diploma that enables him to perform a task? How to organize the next training courses? This tool offers a complete and clear view of everything related to knowledge, training and skills.

HR analytics

It allows to carry out satisfaction surveys among workers, as well as collect all data related to HR activity in order to establish an increasingly refined strategy that achieves better results.


Another of the points of greatest interest is in the management of payroll. Generally, and due to the complexity and investment of time involved in this work, the management of the payroll is left in the hands of an external agent.

Nevertheless, SMEs must keep all data to process payroll in their HR software, so that any agreement with the worker regarding payroll is reflected and can be taken into account when making the monthly payment.

Integrating payroll into the software is the best decision so that all external service work is optimal and all possible failures are avoided.

Let it be in the cloud

Something to keep in mind is that the data from the Human Resources software It is not installed on the company’s own servers, but in an external data center.

This is ideal to relieve the workload of the company’s own machines, as well as being accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.

In fact, Most HR systems are offered directly in the cloud, and companies only pay the user fee, a monthly fee to access the server.

That it has support in your country and in your language

In the event of any problem with the use of this tool, all alarms are activated: Human Resources software stores important and private information that the company must handle and which it must be able to access at any time.

In that sense, it is necessary that the company that offers the software has support in the country in which the company is located and offer the help in the original language.

In this way, in the event of any problem, doubt or incident, you can contact the support service to find an optimal solution in a few minutes.

All these details are essential for the proper functioning of the company’s human resources department. Thanks to this type of Human Resources software, SMEs manage to optimize and improve all their work in this area of ​​the company.

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