What's new in BigQuery: more control and understanding in its use

We have already spoken on several occasions about BigQuery, Google's cloud service that allows companies to have the analysis of large volumes of data in a much shorter unit of time thanks to the use of Google's infrastructure. This service continues to evolve where today Google has presented the launch of a series of novelties, the most notable being the launch of personalized quotas, the idea of ​​which is to establish daily quotas while maintaining cost control.

The explanations of queries are other innovations that allow us to offer, step by step, how BigQuery is handling the queries, showing whether it is written or read or heavy calculations are made, allowing us to see where bottlenecks are occurring or other errors in order to optimize queries.

The improvement of the streaming API, the improvements in the user interface, and the beta phase launch of Audit Logs, which allows you to see the logs that are produced for each query, allowing you to analyze the use made of BigQuery, make up the rest of the news.

Google intends with these innovations that users can have better control and greater understanding in the use they make of BigQuery. The details of each of the novelties are explained in detail in the official announcement.

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