What’s new on Youtube: channel customization and Creator Mixes

All YouTube channels have the same design: a large image, a logo and the content, without the possibility of customizing the structure of the page.

There is now an update to YouTube Studio that will allow creators to alter the appearance of their channel by customizing the layout, branding, and more.

YouTube representatives previewed the update in the latest Creator Insider news flash video, where they indicated that they are offering the ability to customize the appearance of the channel directly in YouTube Studio: we will be able to customize the layout, branding and basic information of each channel to match our creative style. That option will appear in the side menu, in a new option.

They will first focus on the mobile world, which is where users watch the most videos from. They are redesigning the option of featured channels that allows a collection of selected channels to be displayed on the home page of each channel, and from Youtube Studio it will be possible to define which ones will be featured.

At the moment they have not commented on any deadlines, but it is expected that in the short future we will have new customization functions in YouTube Studio.

In this video they comment on the news:

As you can see in this video, there are other things that are worth highlighting, such as the Creator Mixes.

They will be suggestions that appear when a user watches a video, a playlist generated algorithmically from the content of any channel. These mixes can help users catch up on the channels they follow, discovering popular content posted in the past.

YouTube says that mixes tend to perform better than playlists created by creators or other users, since the playlists are static, while creator mixes are customized for each user.

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