WhatsApp mistakenly deletes the information from “online, last connection and typing”

Millions of users have commented on social networks about an important problem in the application: the information that told us when a specific person had connected has disappeared, if they are online or if they are writing at the moment, something probably due to some technical problem they have had during Friday.

Twitter burns at the novelty, many with rage at not being able to spy on who was spying, not being able to know if someone in the group is writing at the moment or not knowing when was the last time someone connected to the platform.

WhatsApp has not needed any update, it has simply eliminated the line responsible for the text, both in the mobile version and in the web version, although apparently it is a temporary error, not something definitive that you have decided to implement to avoid problems Of privacy.

The video we made a few weeks ago on how to know if someone connects on WhatsApp talks about applications that use notifications to control information, so in principle it continues to be valid.

Several users from many parts of the world have reported that WhatsApp has been down for some time, and that when it started working again, the Privacy option in settings had been modified, hiding that information from online from the rest of the world.

When trying to change the option again, the error in the image appears:

It is still not known if when WhatsApp solves the problem all the privacy settings will return to the way they were before or if it will be necessary for each user to make the change independently.

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