WhatsApp Pink, the pink WhatsApp that circulates on the Internet is a threat with viruses

From time to time a premium version of WhatsApp appears, with supposed advantages for users, which can be installed outside of official stores. During the last years we have had from WhatsApp Plus to WhatsApp Gold, and now it’s Pink’s turn.

WhatsApp Pink is available over the Internet as a malicious application that could steal our data once installed, also offering an open door to hackers, who could access our phone.

The distribution of this program is done by message. Some receive it with a link for installation, offering both the pink color and new features.

The link leads to a page with an option to download the malicious WhatsApp Pink app on phones, but that app has nothing to do with WhatsApp or Facebook.

The cybersecurity researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia, who comments on Twitter on the risks that this app can have, which is being distributed mainly in India, raises the alarm. The malicious application mimics the WhatsApp interface to attack users, making it easy to fool those who are unfamiliar with these types of threats.

The funny thing is that initially it was only sent to the police force and the media. Initially, a link to download the application was sent to police officers in Delhi and Rajasthan. It was one of the police inspectors who saw the message circulating in one of the police groups on WhatsApp.

Facebook commented that, if that happens, it is important to use the tools they provide within the application to send a report, report a contact or block a contact that may be transmitting the threat.

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