WhatsApp prepares a new function for voice messages

WhatsApp is developing a feature that makes it easier to listen to those voice memos that seem to last for years.

This new feature will be ideal for the impatient or those who want to save time searching for the part of a voice message that lasts longer than they are willing to wait.

WhatsApp copies another of Telegram’s functions

Would you like to play the voice notes at a higher speed? So instead of patiently listening to everything your friends have to say in the audio, you can apply the little trick of speeding it up so you don’t waste time. Apparently this function is what WhatsApp is preparing to implement in one of the next versions.

Although there are not too many details about it yet, we can get an idea of ​​its operation if we take into account the dynamics that we find in Telegram. Yes, Telegram already allows you to speed up voice messages with a very simple dynamic.

Just open the audio note and select 2x to change the velocity. And of course you can always go back to normal speed. We will see what dynamics WhatsApp wants to implement, whether to allow choosing between different speeds or whether to automatically process the audio.

It may take time to see this feature, as you first have to go through the beta version of WhatsApp, and the feedback from users, to evaluate if it is ready to implement it in a stable version.

Until WhatsApp decides to implement this new function, we can use a tool like TalkFaster, which allows you to change the speed of the audios, either to speed them up or play them more slowly. To do this, it allows us to choose between six different options.

While the process to apply this dynamic is a bit tedious, it is a practical option for dealing with long voice notes or audio that is difficult to understand.

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