Whatsapp receives point-to-point encryption for more privacy

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When we talked about the most secure instant messaging apps, we were especially critical of the apps that did not guarantee encryption in all communication, but rather that our messages are decrypted on the company’s servers and re-encrypted in their communication with the other participant. in conversation. It is an insecure practice because it opens the door for an attacker to get our messages directly from the server, to be analyzed by the company itself or even to be read by company employees. However, there are still many popular apps that refuse to make the move to peer-to-peer encryption, in which the message is only decrypted on arrival.

Whatsapp becomes more secure

Whatsapp was one of the apps that continued the bad practice, but luckily it seems that soon we will be able to remove it from the list with the arrival of point-to-point encryption. For the moment alone works in the latest version for Android, and only when we send text messages to a single friend and not to several, but it is already a step in the right direction. Whatsapp has teamed up with Whisper Systems, a good decision since these are the creators of some of the safest apps on the market such as Redphone or TextSecure; In fact, the implementation of WhatsApp is based on that of the latter.

In future versions it is expected that more functions will arrive, such as the possibility of using point-to-point encryption in group messaging, in multimedia messages, key verification, and support other platforms like iOS, although the date of arrival has not been given.

Source | Whisper Systems

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