WhatsApp will make it easy to copy chat history between Android and iPhone and vice versa

When we change mobile we have to migrate apps and data, and that is especially complicated with WhatsApp, especially if we do not make the corresponding backup in Google Drive.

Migrating all the chats, with their corresponding videos and photos, requires making a copy in the cloud (in Drive) and later recovering it on the new mobile, but it is intended for total migrations, since after they are carried out they are rendered useless on the original device. there is no official way to restore conversations and media from different platforms.

That is what is about to change. Apparently WhatsApp is working to solve this problem thanks to a native solution to automatically transfer the chat history between platforms, without depending on Google Drive and allowing them to be available on both phones.

WhatsApp is already known to be working to allow users to chat from multiple devices using the same number. It is not yet entirely clear how this feature will be implemented, but it appears that it will also allow cross-platform backup. If someone is using android and wants to use the same account from iPhone, for example, they can easily migrate the chats from one to the other.

The feature is not yet available, in fact it has not been officially disclosed, but new leaks have been seen indicating that users will be able to migrate their chat history from iOS to Android and vice versa. Based on the screenshot above, it appears that the process was not automated and may have to be activated manually to initiate the transfer.

When it is officially released it will probably look different, but the basis of its function will remain, so in the future it will be easier to switch platforms.

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