Why are you receiving more spam than normal

Yesterday a new security problem was disclosed that affects the entire web: more than 700 million email accounts They are being used for a new spam campaign, and more than 80 million of those accounts were accompanied by their corresponding password.

Those emails are being used by a program that sends out spam emails by tricking existing spam filters, which means that millions of people have started receiving spam emails in their inbox. The system bypasses the antispam filter Thanks to the use of SMTP servers with login and trusted passwords, combinations that have been achieved during the last years by hacking databases of different services.

What can we do

If your email is one of those affected, it is important to perform the following actions:

Change password: It may not have leaked, but changing the password is the first thing to do. Not only to prevent someone from entering our inbox, but to ensure that they are not using our data to send emails to other people simulating that it is us.

Do not open spam emails we receive: When opening a spam email you can upload a small image included in the email. The moment that image is opened, a remote server is warned, so they find out that we have opened the spam and start sending more, knowing that we are an attractive victim.

Do not open an attachment from unknown senders: Among all the spam there may be one with an attachment, and that is the real goal of the spam campaign, to have someone open that attachment. The file is a malware that is responsible for stealing confidential user data, including passwords and bank details.

Check our spam box More frequently: If someone has been using our address to send spam on a massive scale, it is possible that they enter a blacklist, so many emails from acquaintances can fall into our spam box. It is important to review it to avoid losing important information.

Now we will have to wait for the algorithms of Google, and other email providers, to adapt to this new situation and to successfully filter again.

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