Why do my gums bleed from stress?

Why do my gums bleed from stress?

Work, studies, family The reasons causing stress they are many; But, whatever they are, they all give rise to similar symptoms.

Some, like a headache, are immediately related to anxiety caused by stressful situations, while others go unnoticed, associating with other causes that have nothing to do.

This is the case of gum bleeding. You may not have noticed until now, but pay attention the next time you brush your teeth on a particularly stressful day. It does not happen to everyone, but it is very possible that the gums bleed more than normal, they may even get to do it beyond brushing.

What is the bleeding due to?

Some factors, such as poor dental hygiene, they make our mouth accumulate bacteria; which, once installed, begin to release toxins in order to create more space for infection. This leads to the immune system act accordingly, removing all your artillery. The problem is that sometimes the response is excessive and, instead of solving the problem, it leads to the inflammation that we know as gum disease or gingivitis.

Why do the gums bleed from stress?

The relationship with stress did not go unnoticed by a group of scientists from the Tufts university, in United States, that in 2014 they carried out a study that delved into the causes of this very particular event.

According to them, the gingivitis can be associated with factors other than badly brushed; how smoking, genetics or diabetes; but stress also plays a very important role.

The latter may be due to two causes. On the one hand, when we feel anxiety we tend to eat more sweet than normal and, as you know, sugar is the favorite food of bacteria in our mouth, so they come to it as if there were no tomorrow. To make matters worse, during those tense moments of our life, the brushed it is no longer part of our priorities, so the spread of infection is favored.

On the other hand, there is the cortisol, a substance that rises in our blood under stress situations and that has been shown in other studies to be associated with inflammatory processes, like the one that gives rise to the characteristic bleeding of the gums.

Be that as it may, if we maintain a dental hygiene suitable, using toothbrush and dental flossAfter each meal, we will make it much harder for bacteria, no matter how stressed we are. Of course, trying to relax is not a bad idea either; Well, as always, keeping the mind healthy will help us keep our body healthy too.

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