Why do we kiss with our eyes closed?

The kiss virus that can make you sterile

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to kissing someone.

What most of us tend to agree on is close the eyes Meanwhile, and the most curious thing is that we do it without thinking. I don’t think you have ever seen yourself in the situation of kissing someone and thinking Oh, I forgot to close my eyes! No, it is something we do unconsciously; but why?

According to a study published this month in Journal of Experimental Psychology, the reason is related to the preference of our brain of not receiving several sensory stimuli at once.

The senses, one by one

To carry out this study, the researchers recruited a group of volunteers and made them look for a concrete letter, while a series of small vibrations in your right or left hand.

Thus, they verified that when the visual task It was difficult (finding a letter similar to the others, for example) the tactile stimulus in the hand distracted them and made it more difficult to achieve their purpose.

The difficulty of our brain when processing simultaneously auditory and visual stimuli, but no experiment had been done with the touch.

On the other hand, other similar studies have shown that the stimulus does not need to be large to generate the distraction; What’s more, it increases when smaller is the stimulus.

So why do we kiss with our eyes closed?

After all, kisses are a way to stimulate the sense of touch, by contacting the lip skin of the two people who kiss.

Therefore, unconsciously, our brain makes us close our eyes, preventing the interaction of the view and favoring that the resulting sensory experience is much more intense.

What other applications does this discovery have?

Many of the warning systems currently used by vehicles consist of the production of a tactile stimulus, like vibration, when the car leaves its rail. If the driver is performing a complicated visual task, it is very possible that you do not perceive the warning, so it will be necessary to design new mechanisms, something that will be easier after knowing how the different senses interact with each other.

There are people who can be very effective in multitaskBut the truth is that, whoever, who least, has all had a problem related to this at some time, beyond the simple fact of kissing with their eyes closed. So we need to focus on what’s important and not risk it with tasks like talking on the phone while driving. Our brain is not prepared for it and the consequences can be fatal.

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