Why does the sun darken the skin but lighten the hair?

Why does the sun darken the skin but lighten the hair?

Now that he is coming summer The season of the beach, terraces or any other place to rest while we toast at the Sun.

It is also little of I am going to get brunette right away and of you have lighter hair, it has been clarified with the Sun? But what inconsistency is that, gentlemen ?! How is it going to get brown skin and lighter hair?

Yes, it is so. We all know them because we have experienced it, but perhaps you have not stopped to think about the cause of something so curious. And you have stopped or not I am going to tell you equally, because knowledge does not take place and in the end you will thank me.

What is melanin and what is it for?

Melanin is a pigment present in cells exposed to the sun for protect DNA of the damages caused by the ultraviolet radiation.

For this, it is responsible for both absorb how disperse these radiations; but as a consequence it is degrading little by little, giving rise to a loss of color that is evident in the hair lightening, but not observed in the skin, which darkens as the Sun exposures.

How are the sun’s effects on skin and hair different?

The hair is made up of dead cells, so the melanin loss not be dangerous and, therefore, it does not need to be replaced quickly, and can be renewed when it grows new hair.

However, in the case of the skin the consequences of running out of this protective substance They could be terrible, so these cells, which are are alive, they react through a defense system alternative regulated by a hormone which joins the melanin-forming cells favoring that they produce more pigment.

This newly manufactured melanin is introduced into the lower epidermis and is scattered throughout the upper layers, giving rise to a darkening of the skin.

In spite of everything, this mechanism is not perfect and, even so, the repeated exposures to the Sun Give place to Burns and an increased chance of suffering cancer, so it is important that we do not place all our trust in the natural processes of our body and lend a hand with a little protective cream.

That is, if your hair burns, the only problem will be static, unless it becomes fashionable. Then the burnt ends could become the last scream.

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