Why is HTML5 replacing Flash?

Why is HTML5 replacing Flash?

I guess you have all heard ofHTML5, a language that has been evolving since 2008 as successor to flash. In late 2011, Adobe announced that there would be no more versions of Flash for mobile, further encouraging large companies to push HTML5 as a standard on the web.

Typically, HTML and Flash are often compared as two different programming languages, when in fact they are not. Unlike HTML, Flash is not a free language, but amultimedia development environment, being very nice for programmers. Thus, you can play video in a certain format in any browser that supports you quickly and easily.

However, as mobile device users increase, the possibilities of Flash are increasingly reduced. In fact, what is strange is that despite the millions of mobile users that already exist, there is no longer a solution to this blissful incompatibility. You are not tired of entering a page with your mobile or tablet and not being able to view any video or internal application?

Why switch to HTML5?

It should be noted that Flash is not dead yet, but rather has seen its concept redefined. Now, focuses more on games and some specific applications, so that stop having the weight of before in the web. Therefore, it is appropriate, once and for all, to change to another system that is more compatible and versatile.

The Internet is renewed every day, HTML5 is the future and the future is today.

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