Why is it so hard for us to urinate in public?

Why is it so hard for us to urinate in public?

We have all had, for one reason or another, that urinating with another person.

Women tend to get rid of more of these kinds of situations, because public baths Feminine are individual and closed. However, tennis men have to continually deal with all kinds of public places where the typical toilets lined up.

The reason why we women can urinate alone and men, in general, has to do with how the one next to us would give for a long lecture, but it is not about what we are going to talk about today, but about the paruresis, also known as Timid bladder syndrome. This is the reason why it is usually difficult for us to start urination when someone is nearby and if the disorder is curious in itself, it is much more so how one of the first studies on the subject was carried out.

What is shy bladder syndrome?

It is estimated that this syndrome, consisting of a large Difficulty urinatingWhen there are people nearby or the possibility that there are, it affects approximately one 5% of the population.

However, we have all had a more or less isolated case at some time, right? Why are these situations so? Well, that same question was asked in the 70s by a psychologist and teachercalled Dennis Middlemist, so I decided to resort to an experiment unorthodox to check.

A curious experiment to study cow bladder syndrome

It all started after the teacher attended a seminar on environmental psychologist in which the issue of the importance of personal space. It is a well-known term, since we have all experienced one of those moments in which we have asked someone to give us space, not only in the field of romantic relationships, but in general.

And it was precisely then that Middlemist realized the close relationship between need for space and the problem of publicly performing one of our most basic needs. So I decided to use this as a premise for a study in which I would try to check how much space a person usually needs, why it is so necessary and what happens if it is invaded.

To do this, he devised a simple experiment for which the collaboration of his companions of the University of Winsconsin. They simply had to offer to check the differences between urination when they were alone and if there was someone next to them in a public bathroom.

Now imagine a coworker making a similar request to you. It is possible that one of you accepted, for the sake of scientific method, but the majority will react as their peers really did: refusing to participate and avoiding by all means to coincide in the bathroom with him (ok, this is a last assumption, but recognize that it would not be strange).

The results of the experiment on cow bladder syndrome

Middlemist did not give up on his colleagues’ refusal and decided to cling to the one who was willing to help. With him, a poster of Out of service, a periscope, two timers and a somewhat dubious ethic had more than enough for conducting the study.

For it, forced a series of situations different in the men’s bathroom of the university, which contained three adjoining urinals and only one with a door, in which he was hidden with his two timers and their perioscope, with whom he controlled what happens abroad.

One of the situations recorded consists of placing the out-of-service sign on the urinal of one end, so that anyone who entered the bathroom had to urinate right next to the professor’s accomplice, who was there pretending to have arrived by chance.

On the other hand, I tried to put the poster on the central urinalso that the two individuals could be a little further apart Lastly, he verified what would happen if the subject was alone, without the poster or the teacher’s collaborator.

All this was duly timed by Middlemist, who watched the onset of urination through his periscope.

In this way he was able to verify several things: if the subject could choose the potty he would use the one that was furthest from the other individual and if he had no choice but to be next to him, urination was late up to two seconds. Also, the duration was long longest if they were alone or with a chamber pot in between.

All this revealed how fear and apprehension affect the relaxation of the spheres.Furthermore, after obtaining his results, this professor went down in history, so curious of discovery and for the dubious morality of the methods used.

What do you think? Do you think he did well?

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