Why the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is the best smartband you can buy

Why the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is the best smartband you can buy

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 It is now official and if you were looking for a good, beautiful and cheap activity bracelet, you have already found it.

Fever monitor all our activity It has gone from being obsessed to a whole business that has led to dozens and dozens of devices to control physical activity in recent years.

Wearables have taken off and practically all technology manufacturers have one in their catalog: watches, bracelets, small accessories for clothing, all very smart, among them I highlight Xiaomi, because with Sumptuous Mi Band They have managed to sell millions.

Yes, millions, at the end of 2015 the figure reached 10 million of My Bands sold. The key – they work well, they are simple and, above all, cheap. Now Xiaomi Mi Band 2 arrives, more complete, advanced and with something we’ve been asking for a long time: a screen.

Features of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Reviewing the characteristics and Xiaomi Mi Band 2 news we found this:

  • It is able to record our activity in the form of steps and calories.
  • It warns us after periods of inactivity so that we lift the ass from the chair.
  • Includes optical pulse sensor to record the heart rate. Something that we already had in the Mi Band 1S, although in that one it was a chestnut, as now explain.
  • It also includes an accelerometer sensor, essential for the usefulness of the optical sensor.
  • The big news: a small OLED screen that shows time and activity data.
  • It also shows notifications of the call and messages, little more.
  • Everything is controlled with a button on the front.
  • Labaterat has an autonomy of up to 20 days.
  • IP67 resistance to water.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

Given that, what price would you put? Well it costs 23 dollars, some 20 euros to change, approximately. Yes, I know that this is the official price in China and that Xiaomi does not officially sell in Europe, but it is Xiaomi and has fans all over the world.The demand for Xiaomi products is brutal and therefore, as has happened on other occasions, Finding the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 on the Internet is going to be child’s play.

What’s more, it will end up being available on Amazon, as it happens with previous models. Shipping in days and not crazy prices, just a few euros more, normal.


Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Ollivan Mi New Model Wristband Activity Monitor Bluetooth 4.0 Android 4.4 iOS 7.0 or ms (Black)

The best smartband you will find if you don’t need more

Hesido user of the Mi Band, and the Mi Band 1s, and dozens of other activity bracelets, of all types and brands: Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, Huawei

You will not find an activity bracelet with the Xiaomi Mi Band step count precision and its price on the entire Internet. The algorithm it uses has nothing to envy to devices that cost 5 times more and also from Xiaomi ensure that in the Mi Band 2 they have improved it.

An important point is accelerometer and pulse sensor. The Mi Band 1S already included it, but that was a disaster because the measurement was done when it pleased or not directly, it had to be activated in the application to make random readings. Yes, there are third-party apps that allow you to unlock that, but not all users use them and, in addition, the battery is founded.

For about 20 you won’t find anything like it

In the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 the accelerometer allows know when you are in full activity, for example running, and at that moment the optical sensor is activated to measure pulsations, data that will later become available in the phone application.

Finally, the battery, according to official data, hold on up to 20 days. That actually translates to about 15 days, depending on the use of the sensor. Yes, it is less than the original Mi Band (that was over 40 days), but now we also have a screen and that must be fed. In any case, more than 10 days is already a large number.

Definitely,If you are looking for a cheap and reliable activity bracelet, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is your thing, and I have no doubt that it will be a sales success again. It begins to sell from June 7, it will put links to stores where to buy it when it comes out.

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